WhatTheDate | Personal project

I thought a lot about to post my personal project or not, because it's in the development stage at this moment, but decided to show u what i'm doing right now.

The app called "WhatTheDate", and as u can see from the name it's about finding the exact date (or calculate days between dates🙂). The app also can take into account a public holidays so for this reason i decided to use this API -> https://holidayapi.com to grab the public holidays data.
P.S. Should i make it paid (e.x. 2$ or 3$) or take a look at the ad model monetisation?

Leave comments below, follow me and the team to be the first guy who will know when this app release =)

Any feedback/help/ideas is highly appreciated.

Inspired by one of my favourite designers @stoilovskikh ivan www.behance.net/gallery/21201355/BRIEF-PAY-IOS-APP

Posted on Jul 5, 2018
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