This is my rebound shot to the weather app UIs created by @Eddie Lobanovskiy, @Olia Gozha 🌿, @Kyle Baldinger, @Chesky Maxim, and @TheStarz. Using photography image was new to me, so I wanted to give it a try!

Designing a weather app UI was much more challenging than I thought because many pieces of weather-related information, as well as the basic functionalities, need to be taken into account.

To determine what information users care about most, I did two quick, informal interviews. I found that a common scenario: before they head out/go to bed, they check the weather apps on their phones to see if it is going to rain today/tomorrow and to get an idea of the temperatures. Therefore, I made sure my design would give them the information they are seeking.

In this challenge, I also challenged myself to make a set of weather icons from scratch in Sketch!

Press L if you like it. Your feedback is also much appreciated! :)

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Posted on Jul 4, 2018

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