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Hello everyone! 👋

Big news today! 🎉 We officially published our Live Design E-book to share our design process with you!

What is a Live Design E-book?
It's a free resource that will help you understand the design process and improve the quality of your work. We collected and distilled the knowledge of our experienced design professionals, and made it free for personal use in the form of a live ebook. We exposed our design tips and hacks in this simple guide to fail-free products!

Why online version?
We decided to publish our work as a live ebook because we felt this would make keeping it always up to date easy and super-accessible to everyone in the design community.

Where can you read it?
As it's online version, you can discover the secrets here! It’s completely free, for your personal usage. We also invite you to check our Behance case study. Enjoy! 🙌

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