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Always Thankful - SVG Font Duo

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Always Thankful - SVG Font Duo summer hand lettered lovely color font pretty beautiful font svg font duo font duo opentype svg opentype svg


🔥 Introductory Sale this week only! 🔥

As an introduction, I'm happy to offer Always Thankful for $12. For that price, you're getting two Opentype SVG fonts which is an amazing deal! It is normally priced at $20 which is still an amazing price, but be sure to hurry and get it at the low price while you can.

Always Thankful is an hand painted font pack containing two Opentype SVG fonts. These Opentype SVG fonts keep all of the transparency and texture of the original painted letters. Always Thankful will make your design projects burst with character and charm, and will make your design projects a breeze. Each letter and symbol was hand painted, and I probably went through over 300 pages of painted letters to get the perfect letter combinations down.

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