CE (education) - sketch to vector process animation

Av ce animation02

Process animation.

Vectorized four options from the six initial sketches shown in previous shot. Unfortunately, colors are based on preselected colors for their website, which is currently being redesigned independently of what I'm doing.

The original design rationale for each option still holds true, but here are some additional points:

01. While the shapes are meant to be seen initially as two caps opposite each other, forming an isometric cube shape, an interesting side effect is that it could also be seen as one figure wearing both a cap and a gown. There is also the addition of a very subtle, almost subliminal design element: The swooping curve on the underside of the top cap — which defines the inside back edge of the cap — also forms a lowercase "E" in the negative space between the two caps. This E stands for "Educators."

03. Two options for the color versions are shown. The second option suggests that this grid is carved into some type of wooden game board, and the dots that comprise the E are colored beads or marbles. This was an attempt at depicting connectedness in a more organic, less web-tech fashion, and suggests a type of learning game.

04. The concept of connectedness here is calculated and technical in its execution, which is a nod to digital technology. With its two connected dots, the path could be seen as a circuit.

06. Here, the left arm forms a C shape, while the negative space formed between both arms reveals a lowercase E. There is a smiling face in the middle which represents the nurtured student, but it also helps define the lowercase E shape.

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