Speed Portraits

Speed portraits

Can you guess who this dude is? lol
STATS: 1 hour speed painting.

I get asked a lot to do portraits for people and since I do warmup speed paintings like this daily I thought why not make this a service for those who care to have one done while I’m still getting my warmup routines done. A full detailed portrait is no less than big money and these are affordable.

What you’d get is a digital file of the speed painting and a five inch square Giclee print snail mailed to you to hang, throw darts at or use as a coaster.

If you're interested, read more here: http://gregnewman.org/journal/2012/mar/16/speed-portraits/ or just order online at http://shop.gregnewman.org/product/4-x4-speed-paint-portrait

I'll give it a try for a while and see if it burns me out.

3 Rebounds

  1. 45 Minutes
  2. Speed Portrait #2
  3. Sketch Portrait - Rogie Refined

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