Growlabs - Contacts Table

Hi Dribbble! Excited to finally share my first shot with this community. I'm the co-founder and designer of Growlabs. I've been designing this sales software (UX and UI) from the ground up for 1.5 years now and have a lot of product work to share that I am proud of.

Growlabs is a lead generation and outbound sales automation platform. (

This shot showcases the source of truth for our users. The "Contacts" table is where users can view all leads they have generated and emailed through Growlabs. This table displays essential information about each lead, including the status of engagement (if they have received an email yet, if they have opened the emails, if they have responded and if their response was positive or negative.) The table also displays the email campaign and sales rep each lead belongs to.

Hope you all like it! Excited to share more shots of Growlabs and other projects soon.

Posted on Jun 22, 2018
Jaclyn Klein
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