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UX Design class is live

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UX Design class is live course design ux

Excited to announce my new UX Design course is live. Months of work has gone into this. This is just v1.0 and the beginning. I'm still updating it and making it the best course that it can be for students and my community. And will keep iterating it, just like I did with the Process Masterclass.

This course is the result of 179 pieces of data from surveys that I conducted with designers. There is a lot of jargon and excess that is pervasive when it comes to UX Design. This course aims to cut through the noise and deliver on a clear cut process for UX Design and how to apply it.

№ 1. With so many definitions and methods it can get confusing - what should you actually learn to be valuable in the job market as a UX or Prodcut designer?

№ 2. Most UX processes out there look like long drawn out processes heavy in documents and lengthy timelines. How can you use techniques for the kind of projects that you do? How do you know if you’ve spent too much time doing ‘research’? Techniques that can be implement not in months but a few days.

№ 3. UX Design is not a nice to have facet anymore, but is an essential skill in todays landscape. You want to upskill but there’s too much info out there and don’t know where to begin.

Combining concepts from LeanUX, Google Ventures Sprint, Don Norman (ex-Apple) and my own 11 years of experience designing digital products that have reached millions of users. This course will be your guide to effective and practical UX Design. Made for those looking to move into UX Design roles or those looking to add UX Design to their skillset.

There'll be some nerdy theory stuff in there if that's your jam. But it will cut through some of the BS and show how I implement in a step by step way exact UX Design tools that I use in my work and projects.

You can check out the class here:

The course will close in 7 days.

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