Brandon Land

SFMoMA Modern Ball

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SFMoMA Modern Ball analog research lab wheat paste risograph the collective illustration modern ball sfmoma facebook

The Collective at Facebook recently had the opportunity to design an experience at this year's SFMoMA Modern Ball.

We decided to create a series of risograph posters based on "Joy" (interpreted by contributing artists) that were tied together through a shared color palette, wheat-pasted on make-shift plywood walls, and various light-boxes throughout the room. Was fun to see it all come together in the end and even more fun to see people move throughout the space.

Took a lot of hard work to make this happen and couldn't be more thankful for the experience.

Big ups to Cathy Lo, James Fleming, Teemu Suviala, Rachel Gogel, Kristen Spilman, Defne Byce, Doug Alves, Denny Khurniawan, Sara Wong, Kim Salt, Janelle Cummins, Andrew Holder, Chloe Greene, Dan Cohen, and many more.

Yes, we put it in the MoMA.

*my posters were the smiley faces :)

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