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Interaction Building Blocks – Triggers

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Interaction Building Blocks – Triggers trigger ux ui animation c4d interaction blue phase timeline

Hello Dribbble friends!

Phase v1 is coming really soon. It's the right time to show you some sneak peeks of Phase app itself. Starting with Triggers – one of the Interaction Building Blocks.

Interactions happen over time but that's not enough to design truly digital products. Maybe you need to navigate to a new page? Or change the value of some data? Pause the transition? Insert or remove an element or component? Add new style?

You can do all of that with Triggers inserted anywhere in the timeline.

Read more about building blocks in Phase 1.0 here.

Presentation inspired by @Mik Skuza latest shot 🤯
Thanks for help with GIF export @Piotr Wojtczak 🙏

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