Dragon Boat Festival Start screen

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Dragon Boat Festival Start screen cinema 4d c4d ui start screen

工作一般都是使用插画的方式绘制我们app的启动屏,最近正好接触了cinema 4d,所以尝试使用它来制作端午节的启动屏,端午节是中国的传统节日,主要活动有划龙舟和吃粽子,结合两个元素制作了这次的作品


The work is generally used to draw our app start screen with the way of illustrations, recently just in contact with the Cinema 4D, so try to use it to make the Dragon Boat Festival start screen, the Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese festival, the main activities are dragon boat and eat zongzi, combined with two elements to make the work.

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