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Illustration - World Cup Edition 3

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Illustration - World Cup Edition 3 flat world cup 2018 character design illustrator illustration soccer world cup

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My creations are developed in the following manner: Characters are shaped, then filled in with the height and shape of the eyebrows, size and inclination of the eyes, shape and length of the nose, thickness of the lips, prominence of the cheekbones, length of the chin, and shape of the beard. For example, the facial characteristics of Lionel Messi are summarized as small eyes with a short distance between them, prominent nose, rising mouth, large ears, dense beard, retro hairstyle, etc. By molding these features in a geometric fashion, the illustration not only resembles the soccer star, but also show the star's affinity and warmth.

I hope you enjoy my creation (inspired by @Leo Natsume and @Daniel Nyari).

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