Fembot (teaser)

Av fembot tease

Teaser shot of an illustration I did back in '07, which I've decided to update and fix just for the hell of it.

You will see more of this in time, but it basically depicts a female robot, aesthetically inspired by the robots in Björk's video for All is Full of Love, directed by Chris Cunningham.

Back when I was still DJing heavily on the side (playing electronic dance music), one of my residencies was a Wednesday night Breakbeat event I managed called re:fresh at club Mosaic in Baltimore, MD. When I launched this event, club management asked me to design a huge, engaging banner that could be hung from the DJ booth announcing the name of the event. They gave me carte blanche to illustrate whatever I wanted. So, because Breakbeat is a very tech-heavy, robotic style of dance music, I thought illustrating a sexy female robot, lost in rhythmic reverie, would be the perfect imagery.

Back then, I jerry-rigged this thing to get it to print in time, but looking back on it now, I feel it has tremendous potential to be even better with some tweaks and special attention.

All vector (except for the grime, which is added for presentation purposes).

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