The "Bubble" Pattern Overlay Challenge

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You design websites for some of the world's biggest brands. You've built a personal project that everyone's talking about. Your style is legendary.

BUT, can you take the crappy default settings in Photoshop and make them look awesome????!!! There are obviously many to choose from, but we're starting with the most notorious:

The "Bubble" Pattern Overlay.

The Challenge: Use the default "Bubble" Pattern Overlay and prove just how good you are by making it not suck. You may embellish it however you want, but you can't alter any of it's settings.

The Winner: The rebound with the most "Likes" by 3pm (cst) Tuesday, August 24th will be declared the winner.

The Prize: Chris Bowler has graciously agreed to reward the winner with a free Rhodia Webnotebook from Chris' awesome journal one-stop-shop site, Idea Cafe.

That's it! This has been a question in my mind for years now and I've never seen it successfully used. I doubt it's possible. PROVE ME WRONG!!!


23 Rebounds

  1. Bubble Man
  2. He's Coming For You
  3. Bubble Pop
  4. Bubbble Dribbble


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