Canned water is tomorrow's water

Mañana is a canned water company working to change the way we drink. They share our hometown (SAV) and our dream of a world without plastic trash-islands in the ocean. Since single use plastic water bottles are an enormous contributor to ocean pollution, Mañana has introduced a truly sustainable option to their water packaging.

@Chase Turberville has lovingly designed their brand and primary product packaging. My role has been both brand strategy and copywriting. Part of our goal, set in strategy, has been to create a lifestyle brand for active and/or Whole Foods-esque patrons. We want to be lighthearted and empowering but not overwhelming or preachy with the environmental messaging.

What's in the small print...
"Because every bottle counts.

Mañana was born of a love for the ocean, an appreciation for the power of innovation, and a drive to find a better solution to single use bottle waste. Canned water is tomorrow’s water."

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