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Smart Building

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Back in April I joined School of Motion on their animation bootcamp course. I've been hoping to improve my motion graphic skills for a while now and I have to say, even though I fell behind a little and am only halfway through the course, I can't recommend it enough if you're interested in this making your illustrations move but find AE a little overwhelming to jump into on your own.

I'm still in the super beginner stage but I wanted to share this first piece for Nooklyn, this is a smart building with a bunch of incredible and useful features for the tenant.

I'm insanely proud of myself with this, learning something new is hard! Especially when you're 2 months away from 30 and are turning into an old, grumpy, impatient woman :)

Any mograph wizards out there that wanna shoot me some tips/feedback I'd be supes grateful <3


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