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UWG Cheer Lapel Pin

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UWG Cheer Lapel Pin uwg cherish remember cheer megaphone lapel pin enamel pin

Some of you know this about me and some don't. I cheered in college. I love every minute of it and its engrained in the person I am today. While at UWG doing this, my team and I were in a very bad van wreck in 1997 that would change all of our lives. Little did we know the impact it would have on us as well as the program in the future. Last August 10, 2017, marked the 20th year since the accident. We decided to get together for a solid much-needed reunion. I had these pins made to remember our fallen teammates. Everyone has one. This group of amazing people is family to me. UWG shot a tribute video for us explaining the story.

Please watch it here:

As always feedback and comments are always welcomed and appreciated. I want to thank @Rogie đź‘‘ for helping me get this art ready for production. 'Preciate it more than you know.

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