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We host a lot of events at Ueno. We talk to designers, developers, artists and anyone we think is interesting and doing interesting things.

In the past we've had amazing guests like Wilson Miner, Heather Philips, Tim Van Damme, Helena Price, Meg Robichaud, Marcus Eckert, Robyn Kanner (yesterday!) and many many more.

We have some great ones coming up with people like Jared Erondu (tonight!), Tina Roth (Swiss-Miss), Kelli Anderson and more.

Our people also speak at a lot of conferences and other events.

If you want to see what we have cooking and maybe even come in to see us you should check out www.ueno.events .

We may or may not be planning a very big event sometime next year. But that's supposed to be a secret so don't tell anyone please.

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