Sublime Text 2 (icon you can actually see when switching apps)

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I've been using Sublime Text for quite a while and found out that it's far more comfortable for me to code using color scheme with white background. Upon seeing the new Sublime icon when tabbing through open applications I felt confused. Here's why.

After reverse-engineering my way of thinking, I stumbled upon quite obvious thing: because of getting used to white background of the app window, I did not "recognize" editor's black icon fast enough. So I decided to help myself and create a simple, minimalistic icon that I would strongly associate with Sublime for the sake of rapid app switching.

If you feel the same way and use bright color schemes, you might check it out as well, ICNS file is attached. Any constructive feedback is absolutely appreciated.

P.S. Tomorrow color theme by Chris Kempson is my favorite by now.

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