442 🦑 Photo Soccer-Themed Badge

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442 🦑 Photo Soccer-Themed Badge 442 photography squid badge soccer badge


My buddy, @westerfield, asked me to design a badge for his new sports arm/tentacle of his photography business. It’s called 442 Photo. 442 is a common formation in soccer (for my non-soccer friends).

I went to work but wasn’t really in love with what I had created. But some were pretty cool. They just needed something more. So, then I learned about his son’s obsession with squids. It was quirky, but then I learned squids have 8 arms (4 + 4) with 2 tentacles. It seemed fitting, and allowed the company to stand out with a new, cute mascot.

What do you think?

For a year, I am challenging myself to become a better digital Illustrator. I’ll be posting weekly (my goal is each Sunday) and sketching & drawing daily. To give some context, I am marrying the idea with a passion of mine; soccer. I am going to create 52 soccer-styled badges with different themes along the way. I hope you enjoy seeing them.

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