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Gauntlet 2018 basketball athletic design athletic palms church camp summer camp summer church branding

@Kenzi Quigg and I worked together on this year's look for Gauntlet, our annual summer camp in Daytona Beach, FL. A phrase that emerged early on in our brainstorming was "a pickup basketball game at the beach." We let these words guide our aesthetic choices because they captured the spirit of the Gauntlet: fun, not especially elite or exclusive, anyone around is invited. And it doesn't hurt that basketball culture is the height of cool right now for students.

So like two aliens that learned about sports, two decidedly unathletic people designed a pretty athletic look for camp this year. We took cues from athleisure clothing (stripes, colors), made a library of sports-related textures (asphalt, vinyl, the bottoms of sneakers), and used a variety of number 18's sprinkled throughout.

It's also a typical athletic design motif to intertwine photography and vectors in dynamic combinations. All the photography we used this year is of palms — our way of welcoming God's presence in the Ocean Center (where the camp takes place), just like the people welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem with palm branches.

More to come, we've been working like crazy on this stuff since December — there's lots we want to share!

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