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I was contacted by a startup, looking to change the way we interact with brick and mortar shops, to design their brand identity system. Cloosiv powers the customer experience by combining popular functionality of shopping and wallet apps, allowing you to pay for your purchase digitally, while you’re still in the shop. The app also keeps track of all of the promotions offered by your favorite shops.

The objective I had for the brand direction and design was to create a sleek and clean identity, that would work both for the general tech-savvy consumer, but also excite and appeal to shop executives and investors.

The concept running through all the visual identity elements is the infinity of possibilities for purchasing and promotions the app provides. The motif of an infinity loop extends from the logo, to the brand iconography and other applications. Another brand visual device, that could have numerous applications is the “Wish bulb”, that appears throughout digital and print materials of the company.

If you are interested to see how the full project looked, you can check it out here

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