Modern Design

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OK, so I decided to do an exercise in "mature design". For whatever reason, my own design style seems very (for lack of a better term) ghetto. I'm always drawn to crazy loud colors, textures, and stuff that young people would be into. Not young people as in 20-somethings, young people as in youth group young people. (Probably cause I worked in youth ministry for almost 10 years, and also partly because I have a lot of hip-hop influence in my background.)

Anyway lots of designers on here I see doing really sweet stuff with minimalism and true typography (that's another thing, I never formally learned art skills) and sometimes I just really admire what they are doing. Like this recent piece from Jeff Finley.

Anyway I thought I'd try my hand at what I can just call "mature design" with this piece just for fun.

Now somebody please rip me a new one and tell me how I can improve my style. :-)

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