Jes Noparat

Dear Charlie

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Dear Charlie: Letters from Wallflowers All over the World is a collection of "letters" submitted anonymously through the blog Dear Charlie. All submitted letters tell of the writer's personal struggle, the victories and the defeats, and are addressed to Charlie, who told his story in the same way (except with actual papers, ink and stamps) in the novel The Perks of Being A Wallflower.

The letters featured in this publication more specifically talk about mental illnesses, unhealthy relationships, self harm, and the long and hard journey we all go through to become and love ourselves. Careful consideration has been put into grouping and ordering the letters into a broader coming-of-age arc. However, the form they take (booklet with 4 different sizes of paper) allows them to be accessed and experienced in any order. Typographic treatment, and the way the pages are oriented and cut, carry as much meaning as the written words.

For more letters, please visit the Tumblr Dear Charlie at

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