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Factori is a new brand that we have come to know and love here at Digital Surgeons, and the journey to creating a logo has been an exciting one!

Factori is a health & lifestyle brand focused on creating smoothies and protein bites for all of us busy young professionals who care about our health but have no time to make a healthy breakfast.

Factori's biggest value prop? Custom. I mean, really custom. I'm talking handmade every single day to ensure the freshness of the product, and hand-delivered directly to our refrigerator. These smoothies and bites are made from home, exclusively for each customer's desires.

Whether you like your smoothies gluten free, vegan, orange, pink, green (the original!), purple, extra thick, thin, earthy or sweet, Factori will make it exactly how you want it.

This particular direction embraces handwriting to visually represent the truly handmade products. The colored shape behind it is a way of showing flavors, while also representing the organic nature of the ingredients. This is one of a few directions that I think works wonderfully for Factori.

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