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A Conversation with Sebastien Gabriel of Google

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A Conversation with Sebastien Gabriel of Google design ui newsletter quote interview conversation google career job

Recently, I'd an opportunity to chat with Sebastien about his life and design journey.

Sebastien moved to the US from France in 2012 to join @Google . The story of his move is a courageous one and has inspired many, including me.

Sebastien spends most of his time at Google working on our favorite browser – Chrome. He’s a believer of simple, clean and precise UI design. I absolutely admire how he shares his design process, case studies and personal stories on Medium to help others improve on their own design and life as a whole. He’s also a wonderful photographer and often shares his photos for free on Unsplash.

Let’s learn more about Sebastien and his design journey.

Click here to read the Conversation with @Sebastien Gabriel .


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