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The Art of Selling Out

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The Art of Selling Out identity branding philadelphia event sold out typography design

I've been wanting to put together a design show for years and the stars have finally aligned to make that happen.

I've been putting together a show based entirely around branding/identity work. Philly has some truly amazing designers doing some killer work that most of the time flies under the radar. I've always felt like Philadelphia got a bad wrap design-wise because there are some old crusty agencies here that are still churning out garbage that looks like it came from 1990 that is trying to look like it came from 1776.

I wanted this show to be the complete opposite of that. I wanted to show off some of my favorite designers/illustrators that are doing something that is fresh and exciting.

Here's the event invite on Facebook The show includes work from:

@Hilary Sedgwick, @Neuarmy, @Cheyenne Jacobs, @James Heimer, @Randi Bellamy, @ink + mortar, @Woody Harrington, Dan Kent (ikhoor.com), Fork Spoon (forkspoon.info), and me.

@James Heimer will also be leading a special drink and draw, so that will be dope.

Hope to see you there.

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