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Hi there!

That's a version of the website landing page we're currently designing here at Zajno for a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform that shall remain nameless for the time being. We'll tell you as soon as the website goes live, be patient 😉

Creating an unconventional, metaphorical design for a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform website, so that it matched the company's nature.

Unlike average blockchain websites overloaded with text content, we opted for putting accent on visual content that would, firstly, metaphorically illustrate the industry essence and the platform's key features, and secondly, make the website look catchy and drive engagement.

We ended up with a clean and catchy UI design that connects with the target audience by telling a story about the company and its core benefits. That's WIP thought, stay tuned to see more!
Eager to find out what you think! Share your feedback!

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