Lighting Beetle* Peter Škrovan

G · R · E · A · T posters

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G · R · E · A · T posters adelle sans studio great values poster posters lighting beetle type vectors isometry purple

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Posters of our Lighting Beetle*'s values called G · R · E · A · T.
Its acronym for

We do not create average products. We are creative by nature and always strive for new, surprising solutions. We understand they never come out of passivity but by systematic growth of each individual and the team and trying and failing. That’s why Beetles never get stuck, but keep on being active.

Our work is contradictory to bullshit. If we claim something, it’s based on credible source. We understand that people’s behaviour is too unpredictable for us to claim we are the designers with all the answers.

Behind every client’s or a colleague’s action there is a motive. We always look at the situation from our partner’s perspective to satisfy their needs better. We always prefer design over power.

Being part of the new digital generation we choose job based on our life goals. LB* is not just a place to work, but also a place to have fun and have friends. LB* is full of people who love their job, because at LB* we believe we have real impact on the world by creating real, valuable products that help people in their lives.

We know that we know nothing; thus we are honest with people even if we fail and take responsibility for what we do openly. Having nothing to hide makes our lives easier and prevents anger.

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