Chris Cerrato

Sunday Service, San Francisco

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Sunday Service, San Francisco hedonism god holy ghost stained glass golden handcuffs toast worship church avocado toast avocado brunch san francisco

The Father, Son, and Holy Toast. Amen. This is what San Francisco has become. Because the average 1-bedroom apartment is now $3,500/mo., you‘re considered incredibly lucky if you have rent control (as I do). But the flip side is that it feels like you’re chained to your apartment and chained to living in this city. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a dream city to live in, but these rental prices and the culture has changed dramatically since I moved here 8 years ago because of the tech boom. It’s just not the same city anymore. Lots of money and lots more people (+50k). I had to go through 10 brunch spots before I could snag a reservation (a week ahead of time, mind you) for this Sunday. It's funny, because, growing up, I remember when Sundays used to be for mass. Now, it’s for mass consumption of expensive avocado toast.

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