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Golflink — iOS App Preview

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Golflink — iOS App Preview sport game play colorful golf ios app

Hello world,

wanted to share what I did for most of the time last year, it's called Golflink and it's one of the competitors to apps like Birdie or Hole19.

The total screens count up to 70+ and total illustrations count up to 100+, the general idea of the app is a social community application for golfers, where they can share the results, photos, videos or even scorecards. On top of that app has inbuilt gamification and game process itself, it can connect to smart golfing gadgets such as balls or trackers and report inside it, stuff such as speed, distance and even where the ball is, in case if you lose it.

Took us nearly 3 months of work, from concept to development and all the amends need for MVP build, sadly client decided to turn the project down and put it on the shelf, just because they have a huge portfolio of other ventures and saw an opportunity in different field this year.

Regards Charlie.

Illustrations – @Sandra Brecka
UX Design - @Matthew Wheeler

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