Furnidea - Isometric Apartment Design Website

Hi Everyone!

Furnidea - it's a fresh idea about rearranging and decorating your room, apartment or office etc.

Right now, it's in conceptual stage. Users can use our service to plan for their dream office, apartment or room. Users will have the ability to choose the dimensions, colors, patterns, room size etc.

Our stock library will contain thousands of furnitures and built in apartments, users can choose there desired furnitures, can change the colors, repositioned them and see how their room looks.

It will help users to plan for their next project or for their dream home, and then can propose a design to their client or can buy furnitures according to their choice.

There's much more to come, do share your feedback.

Illustrations courtesy Freepik

Have a project in mind, then drop me a line at :-
đŸ‘‰ kazimohammederfan@gmail.com đŸ‘ˆ

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