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Let's make 3D Touch cool again 😎

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Let's make 3D Touch cool again 😎 sketch flinto iphone mockup 3d touch redesign uber motion design ui ux

3D Touch is by far my all time favourite shorthand tool. Since the technology was first introduced with the iPhone 6s, I’ve been using it almost every day. 📲

Seeing as the newest tech solutions are constantly being overriden by even newer ones, they are doomed to never be fully realised. So here it goes, my attempt at reviving the feature and awakening its potential. 😎

### Contribute to the list ###
I've already started working on further improvements for, among others, Trello and Google Maps, but feel free to share your suggestions as well.

I would love to bring your ideas to life. 🙌

You can leave them in the comment section below or directly on Behance. Thanks ❤️

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