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2018 Barrett Catalog

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The goal of the 2018 Barrett Catalog was to showcase the brand and its respected line of firearms in a way that reflects its long-trusted history with the armed forces and end users around the world.

By taking a war journalist approach we captured the spirit of the brand. Stories captured from the field and the front line showcase the products in their natural environment. The Barrett red is incorporated throughout the pages, leading the reader through the narrative.

Black and white photography shot in the rugged Utah desert mirrored a distant location in the Middle East, and the use of actual military members ensured there was no compromise in authenticity.


Projects like this don't happen without a rad crew like the one that @Michael Shumway assembled over @Riot!

Chris Barrett
Erin Kennedy
@Michael Shumway
@Matt Berry
Colleen Yates
Brent Rowland
Crystal Jennings
Nick Booras

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