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Since my last rebrand (over 4 years ago I think) I've completely changed my processes, the style of work I do and now spend a lot of time writing and reviewing design. As such I don't feel my current identity is truly representative of where I am now so have worked up an idea I've had on my mind for a while. I haven't completely settled on this yet and still considering the wider applications and implications of adopting a new visual identity. Opinions are very welcome but please do check my website and see how this functions alongside the work I produce.

The two parts of a complete circle containing the logo-type represent a dual brand and packaging service, the complete and complimentary approach I take while the slight tilt introduces a more unconventional quality. The utilitarian stencil aesthetic characterises a practical, systematic approach and the often minimal solutions I come up with, this is also emphasised by the simple geometry of the bespoke letter-forms within the Baird logo-type. The flourishes across the ‘a’ and ‘r’ are designed to offset this focused functionality slightly and deliver a broader impression of my abilities, drawing in creativity and the written aspect of my work. A mono-line weight delivers a consistent sense of reliability but also one of appropriate restraint. There are four basic logo assets each with a different weight to accomodate a variety of different applications including Twitter, Dribbble and my personal website.

Of course the majority of people won't read these things from an identity but feel it's important for me to make sure that it's relevant and representative.

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