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A little backstory from our first engagement with Nike back in 2016

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Nike. You know... Nike! A dream client for most of us at Rally. They came to us in 2015 with some needs. We had the standard meet and greet on their campus, spent too much money in the Nike store, and were ecstatic to get started. But for six months we didn’t hear anything.

We thought we blew it. So, we took on some other projects. Right as those jobs were wrapping up, six months later, the phone rang. The timing was perfect. The footwear giant came to Rally asking for help on their existing SNKRS app, and we were stoked to say the least. They needed help evolving their current app that had been released a year prior. The goal of the app was to streamline the shoe-buying experience for athletes and sneakerheads alike, striving to be the ultimate sneaker destination.

The Nike team needed an outsider’s perspective to evolve the design of their current app, so we iterated with them for three months and delivered a native prototype that has slowly been released into the SNKRS app, and will continue to for their next few updates.

The recent SNKRS updates that Rally helped Nike launch have a five-star rating in the App store and has continued to feed our internal sneaker addiction. Nike is always one step ahead of their competition and we are proud we were able to help continue to push them forward with their latest software release.

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