90's Slang Pattern

The 90's were such a bright and fun time in my life growing up. Every single item in this pattern gives me such nostalgia vibes like the Princess Diana Beanie Baby that everyone freaked out over, or the first game boy I ever had that had me stuck on level 5 Mario for a month.

Making patterns is one of my passions because with so many things to look at, there is less pressure to make everything perfect. As artists, we tend to be our harshest critic, which can ruin the fun of making if you listen to that asshole in your head too much.

So next time you are feeling inspired to create something new, but don't want the pressure of perfection, try making one of these doodle patterns. Pick a theme, right down all the phrases that come to mind, add a few icons for pizzazz, and get to work.

Interested in seeing my process? Go check out the newest article on my website walking you through every step of making a lettering pattern like this in Photoshop.


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