Cowboy Brand Identity

Cowboy is the next generation of electric bikes. With the live dashboard, navigation, GPS tracking, removable battery and ride stats, the accompanying app makes your ride more than just a ride. It becomes a whole new experience.

We started working closely with Cowboy early on to develop the brand voice and set the groundwork for the visual identity.

The visual system leverages the spur from cowboy boots to symbolize motion and control. The Electric Magenta brings a sense of energy and amplifies(or highlights) important information and actions.

Click to see it live 👉

A special shout-out to @David Navarro, @Marco Coppeto, @Arnar Ólafsson, @Romain Briaux, @Dac Davy NGUYEN, @Steffen Christiansen on the design, Zoe Finkel and Jaime Aguiló on the copywriting, Tom Kubik for the photography and the team at Cowboy for the development of the app and the website, and for supporting us during this great collaboration.

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Posted on May 7, 2018

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