/Plans v2

When Dropbox rebranded late last year, our Plans page got a complete makeover. After launch, we soon noticed a drop in several key metrics. We reverted to the previous version of /plans, and swiftly got to work.

My team and I studied the numbers, and formed hypotheses to explain why the dip had happened, and how we could turn it around. For example, user research suggested that on this page, the bold rebrand color palette negatively affected trust and clarity. We also noted that the overall height of the page had grown substantially because of small increases in spacings on rows and titles. We combined a number of these ideas into one macro-experiment, and redesigned, rebuilt, and relaunched the page.

The results were in: the new page fully recovered across the board, now with a double-digit metrics lift. The new design out-performed both the pre-rebrand and rebrand Plans page in several other ways too. Here’s how it looks today. Not bad for a day’s work! 💪

A big thanks to the Growth & Monetization and Design Research teams at Dropbox, especially Christian Glason, Patrick Moody, Jesse Cash, Nicole Obst, Ly Nguyen, Angel Steger, Jane Davis, Nikki Nguyen, and Xing Lin for all their expertise and hard work to make it happen! 🎉

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