Back To Black - Invision Studio Experiment

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Back To Black - Invision Studio Experiment invision studio interaction animation headphones minimal black

I just received early access to Invision Studio and had a few days to try it out. This took about 3-4 hours, start to finish.

First Impressions about Invision Studio:

Easy to use, very inituitive and similar to Sketch. It's has all the basics and the build-in prototyping is a big plus.

Making animations is fun and you can achieve something very quickly, however finetuning them becomes quite cumbersome after a while. The animation-panel is tiny, and the vertical layout doesn't really allow for long, complex animations.

Also, because animations work by tweening between 2 artboards, you end up with a rather big list of layers in both artboards that are just needed for animation. Chaining multiple artboards like I did results in even more layers.

It supports components/symbols but for now they're very basic. However it seems like they will be adding states and more complex features to these components, so I'm looking forward to that.

In short, it's a fun, fast & promising tool to quickly create designs, prototypes & simple interactions.

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