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FAKE WORK - Nintendo Online - Overview

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FAKE WORK - Nintendo Online - Overview animation switch iphone x movement video principle interaction swipe motion ui nintendo ios

I'm starting a new thing called "FAKE WORK" where I overhaul complete apps and animate them for companies I don't work for. I don't want this to be treated as spec or something I actually created for the respective company.

For the first app, I will be taking on Nintendo Online. Since buying a Switch, I have used the app for online play since it is necessary for voice chat and I have come to the realization that the app really serves no purpose outside of that scenario and no real return value. I am re-working the app from the ground up with Home, My games, Invites, and profile (settings). This will be an ongoing thing I work on when I have time.

I decided to tackle "Home" first. In the app it would allow you to view overview of new games to purchase with videos and information. It's swipe based with subtle animation for the characters and logos, while showing a bit of the trailer at the top. "Home" is mostly used to show upcoming and new games for the Switch to create hype and allow for users to stay on top of new releases.

This interaction was created in principle. (in the end I will consider releasing all .prd's I create for this project.) Please excuse the quality of the gif. this 8mb gif constraint is killing me.

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