We Thrive - Optum Employee Assistance app

Optum wanted to redesign their Employee Assistance program into a much more modern and user friendly application. The app was to be designed for use by employees as a means of getting any type of assistance whether it be mental health, dog grooming, house hunting, etc. You could even use the app to set your various appointments, get reminders and do your own research or have an actual assistant assigned to you.

The idea came to me from a discussion about how a workplace often becomes a family or at the very least, a community unto itself. Then we wanted a name that would reflect that in spite of anything that could happen to you in life, you were a survivor and could get through it together, which lead us to the name We Thrive. Thrive immediately lead me to bees and in my research I realized that a bee colony is much like a very cohesive creative team with varying roles and responsibilities but all of it leads to the support of a greater community. The obvious imagery came into existence and the bee became our mascot. In the end, funding did not come through and there is an existing publication in the healthcare field called WeThrive but I felt good about what we created and I'm very proud of what we designed.

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