Osam (Optum Scalable Agile Method) Reporting Hub

Senior Executives at Optum wanted a one stop, cohesive hub where they could view charts/graphs that would show how each of their portfolios, projects, and individual teams were adopting the Agile Process. In addition, they wanted to be able to scale up or down from a micro to macro level and vice versa to see how they, and their teams compared to the rest of the organization. I conceptualized the design that sold the project and ended up funding the project to a scale of $350k in billability per month over the last year and is due to continue into the foreseeable future. This project with fraught with many challenges ranging from data collection issues, software limitations (we used Tableau for charting our data) and tight deadlines but this team is strong and intelligent and it's come a very long way and I learned a to about UX Design.

Brooke Rochon
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