Blenders Logotype Sketches

Last year, as I was trying to explore more about freelancing, I decided to enroll to a Freelance for Beginners workshop. There, I got to know Freelance Blend and was also introduced to their chat group, Blenders.

It was at this time that I was actively trying to seek for like-minded individuals and I was really thankful to be part of the group. I was honored to be able to be involved with creating the logo for the Freelance Blenders Group.

My process for designing logos usually involves knowing what the client wants to communicate with their logo.

Upon learning all the information that I can get, I will proceed with creating sketches first and these are some of the initial concepts that I presented.

For the hand-drawn sketches, what we are looking to focus on is the concept and composition of the design.

Upon discussing and agreeing on a certain direction, that's what I would further refine for the next iterations of the design.

Now that we decided on a concept, the next step is to further refine the idea. I would redraw the letters a number of times if I have to so I can achieve the right balance needed for the logo.

I also tried to explore other options that are still based on the design that we chose.

For this one, what we want to highlight was the word Blenders as this was the name the group identifies with.

After settling on the final version, the next step would be to convert this hand-drawn logo to a scalable vector version.

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