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Besties Shirt

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Besties Shirt girls night floral screen print gritty flowers weekend womens apparel tshirt tee girls besties

Hit with this request from m lovely wife to design a shirt for her 'Girls Weekend'. When your wife asks you to design something, you do it god dammit.

I've designed some flash style floral elements with ribbons in this one as I've been looking at so many tattoo designs lately (unrelated: I want a tattoo) and mixed in ye ol' trusty Futura for some bold contrast. On top of this, with a finer eye, you'll notice the inclusion of distressed edges everywhere giving it a more aged, organic look. This paired with a few custom scratches and blips helps bring out that vintage screened tee feel.

As always, I spent more time than I could have likely gotten away with here but to me, that's the key in becoming a better designer. Treat each project with as much respect and pride as the next. You never know who might ask, "Hey, who made your shirt?", and what opportunity that might turn into.

Looking for a design partner on your next project? Drop me a line and we can talk about it.

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