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Channel F

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Channel F:
This space consisted of a TV and three couches in the middle of an open space, thus the reason it was previously named "The Family Room". We selected Channel F based on the fact that it wasn't too far from the old title and invoked a living room vibe.

Aviture Meeting Spaces:
Recently we took the time to rethink the naming conventions of our various meeting spaces at Aviture and after much conception landed on the concept of obscure gaming consoles.

We chose this direction with several things in mind: Were they memorable and fun to say? Were they used before or cliche? How did they speak about Aviture?

We found that these consoles had pretty rad names that stuck out and could lend themselves well to a space. They spoke to, what at the time was a hopeful outlook of the future, with prefixes such as: Wonder, Mega, Super, and so on. The team also discovered that the branding of the consoles themselves...more often than not, sucked...leading to a recreation for each room that can be applied and leveraged for the exterior and interior design of each room / space.

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