Gabrielle Gatti Mélikian

CSSConf. 🇦🇷 2018

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CSSConf. 🇦🇷 2018 lcars diversity website landing event conference conf css cssconf

I'm so proud and happy to share here my work done for the CSSConf. Argentina 2018 landing ❤️

The CSSconf is a conference dedicated to the designers and developers who build the world’s most engaging user interfaces. From the community, for the community. 🖖

This CSSConf edition hosted in Buenos Aires (Argentina, South America) was created by the wonderful Eva Ferreira and Alejandro Gerbec.

Want to join us? You can get your ticket here!

You are also welcome to submit a talk proposal here! 📣No matter if you are a first time or experienced speaker, or if you speak Spanish or English. Your voice is welcomed 💙

See the website live at — proudly part of the CSSConf Family.

Special thanks to @Aloïs Ancenay from b.a.-ba studio & Romain Oudin from Lift Type for lending us their beautiful “Ace” font 🎾

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