Skinnys Pantyhose

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When women buy pantyhose, they are given three choices of packaging: plastic bags, oddly shaped and flimsy cardboard containers, or small plastic spheres that are difficult to open. None of these are aesthetically pleasing nor do they function well. The container for Skinnys is the size of a loose powder jar for two reasons: it is the perfect size for one pair of pantyhose and a large majority of women are already accustomed with this container size, making the Skinnys packaging much more natural to interact with.

The product is named Skinnys because that is how pantyhose should make a woman feel: skinny. The name also references the current skinny-jeans trend in fashion. The design is based on the popular design of the 1950’s using the Pantone colors from that era, but with a punk twist because the product needed to feel feminine yet maintain a modern touch.

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