Tidy Whities Ad Campaign

Tidy whities 2 dribbble verison

This campaign was centered around targeting college-age and bachelor guys, the audience that usually has the dirtiest laundry and is most often ignored by cleaning product companies. A clever and awkward humor that would appeal to the college-age and entry level demographic was used to capture the intended audience’s attention and maintain it throughout the whole campaign. This approach commits the product’s name to the audience’s memory because of the humorous emotional tie to the advertisements.

The slogan “Tidy Whities” is a play on words. The guys are wearing the type of men’s underwear commonly known as tighty whities that are staying tidy while they hang out, play sports, exercise, and other activities.

*2011 Silver Student ADDY Award

(Visit ashleyganahl.com/tidy-whities for more shots from this ad campaign.)


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