Mike Smith

Lunar Lander

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Lunar Lander poster nasa typography illustration moon lunar lander

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I was recently asked to create a piece based on my first design memory. And it just so happened that I was already illustrating this Lunar Lander for my buds at Elixr so I figured why not combine the two and make a poster out of it.

Like almost every other designer, I've always been obsessed with space and wonder that surrounds it. As a kid I remember sitting on the floor looking through a book all about the Hubble Telescope for hours and hours.

You'll be able to scoop this poster for $20 on Saturday (4.21) at the Design from Memory show where 90% of the proceeds will be going to buying art supplies for a school here in South Philly. If you can't make it I'll be selling the remaining posters online (I'll just be adding $5 for shipping), just shoot me an email at mike@smith-diction.com and I'll get back to you as soon as they are available.

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